My name is Canyon Christiansen. I graduated from the Digital Media Design program at the DATC in June of 2020. I enjoy making websites because it allows me to feed my infinitely growing passions for creating things and solving problems. I believe websites should be thought of more as an art form rather than just another requirement for running a business. A website is a medium in which the personality of your company can be brought to life!

I believe art is important in almost every part of every individuals life. It allows us to communicate our feelings and ideas more effectively than we ever could using only language. It can give us a momentary break from our fast paced, stress filled lives. Art is special in the sense that it seems to transcend any and all logic that we’ve created.

My goal is to create quality websites that are affordable and visually pleasing. I want you to be happy with the website I make for you, so I’ll do whatever I can to accomplish that.